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Dan Emery opened his law office in Yarmouth in 1992 and has been proud to serve the people of Maine from this location ever since.

Our firm focuses entirely on helping you win Social Security Disability benefits.

We know this is about more than a check for you. It’s about getting back financial stability after medical problems stopped you from working. It’s about taking care of your health. It’s about moving forward with your life.

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Local Maine Disability Attorney
Local Maine Disability Attorney

We Know Your Local Social Security Office

When you live in Yarmouth, or anywhere in Maine, the Social Security office in Portland processes your disability case.

This is where you will go for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge to appeal a denial of Social Security Disability benefits.

The hearing is the most important step in your appeal, a chance to speak in person with someone who can make a difference in your case.

But the system is big and complicated.

Numbers from the Social Security Administration (SSA) show it can take more than a year to get a hearing at the office in Portland.

In late 2016, the benefits approval rate at the office in Portland was running a little better than 50%.

The SSA’s own statistics show you have a greater chance of success when you work with a professional representative.

Dan Emery and his team know the judges who work in the Portland office, the staff in the Portland office and the doctors in Maine who provide medical evidence and testimony.

You can get someone by your side who knows the people of Maine and the system in Maine.

Qualify for SSDI in Yarmouth

To win Social Security Disability benefits, you need to meet several requirements from the SSA:

  • You’ve worked and paid into the Social Security system for an appropriate number of years for your age.
  • Your health condition makes it impossible for you to continue in your job.
  • You’re unable to switch to a different kind of job.
  • Your medical limitations will last at least 12 months, or result in death.

You’re facing stress from health problems, stress from being unable to work, stress about money.

You don’t have to take on the extra burden of navigating the Social Security Disability process on your own.

The Daniel Emery Law Office will ease the process for you so you can focus on your health and your family’s needs.

We’re dedicated to the people of Maine. We’re ready to stand up and help you get your life back on stable ground.

CONTACT DAN EMERY today about your disability case. We’re dedicated to the people of Maine. We’re ready to stand up and help you get your life back on stable ground.