Mental Disability Lawyers in Portland, Maine
Mental Disability Lawyers in Portland, Maine
Mental Disability

Mental Disability Lawyer
in Portland, Maine

Mental Conditions and Social Security
Disability Benefits

If you have a mental condition that prevents you from working, you may QUALIFY FOR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to win disability benefits; you need an experienced lawyer like attorney Dan Emery to help you prove your mental condition and claim to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The SSA has a list of mental conditions that qualify for benefits. Maine disability attorney DAN EMERY can walk you through all the complex steps of getting disability benefits. Dan and his team will take the time to understand your mental condition and set a plan to get you the benefits you need.

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The Importance of Current Treatment

It’s extremely important for your case that you are receiving current treatment for your mental health condition. Records from 10 years ago will not win the case.

Current treatment both produces medical records which document your up-to-date problems and allows your doctor or counselor to know you well. If you have a long treatment record with a practitioner, Social Security will give their opinion more weight.

This can be the deciding factor in your case. Just as important is that you take care of yourself. Treatment can help you recover from your mental condition. It’s important that you fully participate in treatment, not simply show up.

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Yes. Although you can appeal a denial without a lawyer, help from an experienced professional will improve your chances.

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How Can a Disability Lawyer Help Me Prove My Mental Condition?

A disability attorney who is familiar with Social Security Disability hearings can make a difference in whether or not you win disability benefits for your mental condition – especially if your claim was initially denied.

An experienced disability lawyer can make sure that your relevant medical history is properly presented and make sure that your work limitations are properly documented. The lawyer can also advise you of the extreme importance of seeking treatment.

To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, we must prove you can’t work for at least one full year because of your mental condition, in combination with any other conditions.

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