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Social Security Disability
for Over Age 50 in Portland

Why Winning Benefits Gets Easier After 50

Your chances of qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits hinge on this question: If you can’t continue in your most recent job, can you adjust to a different job?

If you show the Social Security Administration (SSA) you cannot adjust to different work, you’ve fulfilled a major piece of QUALIFYING FOR DISABILITY.

This gets easier to prove as you get older. Dan Emery and his team of disability advocates WILL HELP YOU establish your case with the SSA.

How Turning 50 Helps Your Disability Appeal

After age 50, the SSA considers it harder for you to adjust to new kinds of work. That moves you closer to winning benefits.

Between ages 50 and 54, the SSA says you’re “closely approaching advanced age” and gets more lenient in deciding whether you can switch careers.

The average age of people receiving disability benefits in 2016 was about 54.

For younger people, the SSA thinks age won’t have much effect on adapting to different work.

So if a health problem stops you from doing your job when you’re under 50, you still face a major test in showing you can’t do another job based on your education, background and skills.

It doesn’t matter to the SSA if you can find that other kind of job, or if that job pays as well as the one you had to leave because of your medical condition.

Consider an example: A 46-year-old man works in construction. He hurts his back and can’t keep doing his physically demanding job.

In the SSA’s eyes, he could switch to a less physical job, like doing clerical work in an office. His BENEFITS ARE DENIED.

If the construction worker is 50 or older when he hurts his back, however, he may only need to show the SSA he can’t keep doing construction jobs.

When he reaches age 55 or older, the rules lean even more in his favor.

At that age, the SSA is increasingly likely to determine that his career stage combined with his physical condition will keep him from shifting to other work.

He faces less pressure to prove he couldn’t perform a more sedentary job.

Contact Yarmouth Disability Law Firm
Contact Yarmouth Disability Law Firm

Do You Need A Lawyer?

Yes. Although you can appeal a denial without a lawyer, help from an experienced professional will improve your chances.

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Qualify for Social Security Disability in Portland
Qualify for Social Security Disability in Portland

Do You Qualify?

Social Security has a strict definition of “disabled.”

Learn how the system works»

Your Long Experience Could Make a Difference

A longer work history also could work to your benefit if you’re over 50.

The Social Security Disability program is reserved for people who worked and contributed to the system through paycheck deductions.

In the eyes of someone at the SSA evaluating your claim, a strong, extensive work history could give you more credibility.

You’ve already shown yourself to be a dedicated, longtime hard worker.

Because of that, an SSA official might be more likely to believe you’ve truly suffered a medical condition that makes it impossible for you to work.

Get an Experienced Lawyer

When you’re looking at Social Security Disability for over age 50 in Portland, make sure you take advantage of the special considerations the SSA gives you.

You’ll need to document your situation and understand how all the rules apply to you.

The system is complicated and difficult to tackle alone. At the Law Office of Dan Emery, we know how to ensure you get the best chance at winning benefits.

Dan and his team care about giving you and your case personal attention during a difficult time. CONTACT US to help you gain financial stability and move forward with your life.