Why do i need a local attorney?

Local Maine Disability Lawyer

Knowing the Local System Makes a Difference

When you need a Social Security Disability attorney, you need someone local who knows your area.

DAN EMERY is a Maine disability attorney who knows the doctors, judges and people in the Social Security office in Portland, Maine, and across the state. These local professionals play a key role when you need benefits.

IF YOU HIRE A NATIONAL FIRM, chances are your case will be handled by someone whom you won’t meet until the day of your hearing and someone unfamiliar with the people who may decide your case.

Not only is it important for your disability attorney to know local professionals, it’s important for your attorney to know you. Dan Emery will meet with you before the date of your hearing to learn about your claim and to get to know you. Learning how your disability impacts your life means he can present your case more effectively and answer tough questions the judge may ask.

Winning SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY benefits is very important to your well-being. Dan Emery is local to Maine and has over 20 years of experience as a disability attorney. Let him help you.